Draken Harald the Fairhair Longship - Revised activities

The 35 metre longship is currently having its mast repaired at Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club at West Float, Wallasey. The longship leaves on Sunday 3rd August 2014 and will be entering the River Mersey from Alfred Dock around 1200 hours subject to the agreement of the Captain. The ship will move down towards the Tranmere Oil Terminal, then turn to cross over to the Liverpool side of the river and stop in front of the International Cruise Terminal, where Voyager the newest acquisition of the Voyages of Discovery's Cruise Line will be moored. The Voyager is 152.5 metres in length with a gross tonnage of 15,271 tons. The opportunity to take some great photographs from the Wallasey side of the river, when the Viking Longship is in front of the Three Graces should not be missed.

Prior to the Viking longship's departure, opportunities to view the ship, but not to go on board, will be made available and notices will appear on the LVRC web site. There will also be two distinctive Yellow road signs placed outside the rowing club gates to advise everybody that non booking viewing is in action. Please note that children under sixteen will not be allowed onto the dock estate unless accompanied by an adult. The rowing club reserves the right to refuse entry without giving any reasons.

The on board visits will be available on a pre-booked basis via the rowing club web site. Please keep checking the web site for the date and time when this will be opened and full details of all the days when on board viewing will be offered. This will be linked to the successful refitting of the new mast which is progressing very well.

Please note that there are no guard rails at the waterfront only fencing and plastic barriers.

Please note that there is no car parking available at the rowing club but there is only a seven minute walk from Birkenhead North Railway Station where there is a free park & ride facility. Should that be full you may park on Beaufort Road.

The visit coincides with this year's St. Olav's Day Wirral Viking Heritage Walk & Pilgrimage - for details see www.nottingham.ac.uk/-sczsteve

Monday 28th July 12noon to 4pm - St. Olav's Wirral Viking walk & pilgrimage, Day 1 (St. Bridgets, West Kirby to St. Mary & St. Helen, Neston - 9 miles)

Tuesday 29th July (St. Olav's Day)10am to 3pm - St. Olav's Wirral Viking walk Day 2 (National Waterways Museum Ellesmere Port to St. Olave's Church, Chester - 9 miles)

For St. Olav's Viking Heritage walk - see www.nottingham.ac.uk/-sczsteve and links

Steve Harding & Jim Bibby 22.07.14


Dates and times for viewing are available at Draken Harald Hårfagre

The mast is really starting to take shape. Boatbuilders Arild and Ola were joined by two carpenters yesterday that arrived from Sweden to help with the next stages of work. They'll also be joined later in the week by crew members Marius and Woody to start replacing the rigging that collapsed when the mast broke.

      Read all about the arrival of the Draken Harald Hårfagre in the Liverpool Echo - Viking Longship arrives in Merseyside after treacherous voyage

Click here for the news item when a group of the Liverpool Victoria Rowing Club Viking rowers travelled to Norway and took part in the first sea trials rowing the Draken Harald Hårfager Granada News 12th June 2013


You can see also see where the ship is right now by following this link to Live Marine Traffic.


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