Ironbridge Regatta 2023

On the weekend of 24th and 25th June, Liverpool Vics donned their kit in Maroon and set up their tents under the moon while Lesley kindly cooked hot dogs for the commune.

Ray kindly provided the towing and Saturday was the start of the rowing. The hard work on the dock starting showing as the confidence of crews was growing.

The singles of Mike (MasH1x-) and Grace (WJ161x-) managed to secure first place and several others had their first race (J171x- and MasD4+) in this beautiful place.

In more heats, the club did advance (J161x- and WJ142x-) even though the course required many a glance. In the evening many members took the chance to go to the disco tent and dance.

On Sunday, everyone got back in their seat as they had the sprint regatta to compete. some crews progressed from their heat (Mx2x-, Op1x-and W2x-) which was no mean feat.

A downpour of rain turned the field into a bog but moral support was provided by Penny the dog. Racing finished and we made our way back to the smog and that concludes this blog.

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