Working Together – a reminder

The club has been in the happy position of not having any significant Safeguarding issues for the last couple of years. However, we must never be complacent and it remains critically important that all club members treat others with respect.

We have recently had a Grievance issue, related to crew selection, but also the relation between a small number of members. That Grievance has now been addressed through mediation.
I would like to remind members, in addition to the need to treat such matters seriously, we should also continue to treat others with respect. The club follows British Rowing’s guidance on Safeguarding and Grievance and will always seek to provide assistance to any member who has any concerns about such issues.

If the matter involves Safeguarding (of children or vulnerable adults), then members can contact Paul Fegan (Club Welfare Officer), in person, by leaving a message on the Club telephone (0151 639 0354), or by email at . If the matter is a Grievance, members can contact me, Richard Lewis (Club Chairman) or Neil Meadows (Club President), in person, by leaving a message on the Club telephone (0151 639 0354) or by email at or . The Club’s policies can be found at
British Rowing policy can be found at and

Richard Lewis

Club Chairman

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