Stourport Regatta

A big entry from Vics to the West Midlands two day regatta at Stourport. We always have a great time at Stourport, with the opportunity to race crews from across the country. We had 8 crews entered on Saturday, with 3 wins – WmasB/C 2x of Michelle Fisher and Jayne Pumford, who beat Evesham by 13/4 lengths, WJ16 2x (Carter) also beating Evesham by 4 lengths and WJ14 2x (McFarlane) beating Stourport by 21/2 lengths. On Sunday, 10 crews were entered, with 4 finalists but unfortunately no wins. The Vics WJ16 4x- were unlucky to come up against a Worcester crew that had finished 6th in the British Junior Championships, whilst the WJ18 2x lost by 2 feet to a Worcester crew that had finished 3rd in the C Final of the Junior Championships.

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