Ironbridge Regatta

We had 13 crews on the Saturday and 11 on the Sunday:

MASG1x Vick lost heat
WMASB2x Pumford won heat lost in final
WMASC2x Walters lost in final
WJ152x Large lost heat
WJ142x Bernhem won heat WIN final
Mx2x Wilson/Peterborough won heat lost final
J161x Smith lost heat
J161x Walters lost heat
WJ164x- Semple lost final
WJ14 4x+ Wilkinson lost in final
W4x- Pumford won heat lost in final
Op2x Mahendran lost heat
MASC2x Myers lost heat

J13 1x Smith lost heat (well done on first race on a river!!)
W4+ Adams lost heat (good first race by the juniors)
W4x-Pumford lost heat
WJ141x McFarlane lost heat
W2x Pumford lost heat
MasC 4+ lost heat
J162x Jones lost heat
WJ152x McNulty lost heat
W2x Walters lost heat
WJ142x Large lost heat
WJ142x Bernhem won 2 heats WIN final

Massive thank you to Paul Fegan who fixed the heavyweight trailer lighboard last minute, which enabled both trailers to attend the event. All club members need to remember the importance of reporting any damage to boats, trailers or any other equipment.

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