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Ironbridge Regatta

We had 13 crews on the Saturday and 11 on the Sunday: MASG1x Vick lost heat WMASB2x Pumford won heat lost in final WMASC2x Walters lost in final WJ152x Large lost heat WJ142x Bernhem won heat WIN final Mx2x Wilson/Peterborough won heat lost final J161x Smith lost heat J161x Walters lost heat WJ164x- Semple lost final WJ14 4x+ Wilkin... More

Chester Regatta

We had 7 entries into this event: Op2x Myers lost heat Op2x Mahendran won 2 heats lost in final Op1x Vick lost heat WJ152x McNulty won heat lost in final Op2x McWilliams lost heat W2x Pumford won 2 heats lost in final WJ142x Bernham won 2 heats and WIN final More

Trentham Regatta

We had 12 entries into this event: No junior wins, no results available at this time from Trentham. J152x Laffey Op2x Fairbanks WMASD/E4+ Harrison 2nd MASF/G1x Vick WIN WJ142x Large J182x Osbourne WMASA/C 4x- Pumford WIN WJ152x McNulty MASC2x Egan 2nd WJ154x+ Wilkinson WJ162x WMAS2x Pumford WIN More

Northwich Regatta Round Up

Being still quite new to racing I've been told many times that rowing can throw some surprises. After starting a double last August, Jane K and myself have had swiftly approaching pontoon surprises, stuck in trees surprises, but today Northwich presented a new one which I believe caught a few of us out. Even Heather..! Today's offering at Northwich ... More