Wild Life @ LVRC

In these times of Covid lockdowns, restricted rowing activities and all the other stresses of returning to work and school, the wildlife on the dock has been flourishing. The ducks have had 2 broods this year, in the peace and quiet of lockdown.
The mussel and crab populations have exploded, along with the seagulls, who have made good use of the free sea food bar, that nature has generously provided. Yesterday as I arrived at the boathouse, for a couple of us to complete some work we were met by this pair of swans, who on seeing us walk towards them, decided to swim towards us. Maybe they thought we had something for them to eat?
As I got in my car later, to leave, I noticed an odd shape on the landing stage that hadn’t been there earlier, on investigation it turned out to be a young cormorant having a nap! I got to within a few feet of it. Although our dock seems very industrial and people often pull a face when informed of where we row- we know it’s the best kept secret and wouldn’t swap it for all the leafy green rivers in the world!

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