Sammy the seal says hello, obviously a single sculler in a previous life!

Heather Parry has asked me to let you know that about 8-10 weeks ago a seal pup found its way into our water.

Some concern was expressed about its welfare so on the same day it was first seen at the boathouse, the British Divers Marine Rescue (BDMR) service was contacted. They came along to the dock and realised that with such a vast expanse and depth of water, it would be impossible to try and capture it.

After assuring the BDMR people that there was ample food in the dock and that other seals had found their way into and out of the dock system in the past, they advised us to leave it alone if it did pull itself out onto the pontoon, or was found in the compound.

Since them it has stayed out of reach and is thriving on the fish in the dock and, it has started coming towards boats and sometimes following them to say hello.

Please can we ask that all coxes, launch drivers and steerspersons in coxless boats bear in mind that he/ she may approach you. We certainly don’t want to risk injuring ‘Sammy the Seal’.

The outer dock gates to the river are under repair for the next month so there will be no shipping movements, so Sammy will be sharing the water with us until at least then. It’s good to know that our members are kind and concerned enough to want to ensure the safety and well being of this animal, and in the meantime we can all enjoy Sammy spotting.

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