Junior Rowing at LVRC

Junior Session Saturday 14th April 2018

The juniors sessions on Saturday 14th April will run as usual at the times below.

Junior Easter Training Camps

Thanks to Lesley and a whole ream of helpers, we were able to run all day junior training camps in the week following Easter. Sadly, the weather gods didn't join in the 'being helpful' bit so more time was spent in the gym than on the water, but the sessions were still productive giving our juniors a good workout and improving fitness ahead of the summer rowing season.



Interested in coming along? 

If you want to try out rowing please contact us at juniorcoordinator@lvrc.co.uk.

All welcome.



Competitive                   08:00 - 10:30
Beginners (£5)               10
:30 - 12:30


Competitive 17:30 - 19:00


  • You must bring SPARE KIT to training sessions or you will not be allowed on the water (club rules).  In cold weather a hat must be worn. HOODIES MUST NEVER BEEN WORN WHEN YOU ARE OUT ON THE WATER
  • Coxes must be suitably dressed for weather conditions too!
  • Please remember to sign in and out of training sessions
  • If anybody wants to try rowing please get in touch using the contact email below. We are an ever growing and successful group of athletes and welcome new juniors at any time

Contact details


Rowing Gap in New Zealand 

We have been approached by one of our former junior members to publicise a wonderful opportunity to spend a gap year rowing in New Zealand.  Below are the details and the invitation, along with a copy of Dan's 'My accidental Gap Year and how I rowed in the New Zealand National Championships':

West End Rowing Club NZ Rowing Gap Year Experience

West End Rowing Club NZ Rowing Gap Year Invitation