Ross Regatta

Vics try to attend the annual August Bank Holiday regatta at Ross on Wye, although this year the weather was not as favourable for camping as it has been in previous years! On Sunday we had 10 entries, with 4 crews reaching Finals. The WJ18 2x had the closest race of the day, losing to Worcester again by ½ length this ... More

Club BBQ (Sunday 2nd September)

After training and re-rigging on Sunday 2nd the Club will host a Summer BBQ.Everyone is welcome, all you need to do is bring food to throw on the BBQ. The bar will be open and people can get the chance to talk (maybe even row?!) with other club members that perhaps you don’t always get the chance to see.Any ... More

Stourport Regatta

A big entry from Vics to the West Midlands two day regatta at Stourport. We always have a great time at Stourport, with the opportunity to race crews from across the country. We had 8 crews entered on Saturday, with 3 wins – WmasB/C 2x of Michelle Fisher and Jayne Pumford, who beat Evesham by 13/4 lengths, WJ16 2x ... More

Warrington Regatta

Vics entered 7 crews at Warrington Regatta, with 4 losing at the semi final stage and two finals. The Open 1x was an all Vics final between Sam Crowe and Arvind Mahendran, with Sam winning. The WMasC/E 4+ stroked by Joanne Harrison lost in the final to Trafford. More

British Junior Championships

This year the Junior Championships were held at Nottingham and again Vics had a strong entry. In WJ14 2x Bernhem and McFarlane were placed 8th out of 62 crews in their event, showing what a crew these two girls are becoming. WJ15 2x (McNulty and Myers) finished 38 of 41 in their time trial, WJ15 4x+ (Adams, Foster, ... More

Ironbridge Regatta

We had 13 crews on the Saturday and 11 on the Sunday:MASG1x Vick lost heat WMASB2x Pumford won heat lost in final WMASC2x Walters lost in final WJ152x Large lost heat WJ142x Bernhem won heat WIN final Mx2x Wilson/Peterborough won heat lost final J161x Smith lost heat J161x Walters lost heat WJ164x- ... More

Chester Regatta

We had 7 entries into this event:Op2x Myers lost heat Op2x Mahendran won 2 heats lost in final Op1x Vick lost heat WJ152x McNulty won heat lost in final Op2x McWilliams lost heat W2x Pumford won 2 heats lost in final WJ142x Bernham won 2 heats and WIN final More

Trentham Regatta

We had 12 entries into this event: No junior wins, no results available at this time from Trentham. J152x Laffey Op2x Fairbanks WMASD/E4+ Harrison 2nd MASF/G1x Vick WIN WJ142x Large J182x Osbourne WMASA/C 4x- Pumford WIN WJ152x McNulty MASC2x Egan 2nd WJ154x+ Wilkinson WJ162x WMAS2x Pumford WIN More

Northwich Regatta Round Up

Being still quite new to racing I've been told many times that rowing can throw some surprises. After starting a double last August, Jane K and myself have had swiftly approaching pontoon surprises, stuck in trees surprises, but today Northwich presented a new one which I believe caught a few of us out. Even Heather..! ... More

Boxing Day 8’s

Well done to all those that braved the club for Boxing Day 8’s. We had three boats for a race filled with sibling rivalry and in the winning team a mother and son combination. No screams of a fix???? More